Lauren Roberts $159,200 KILLER POT! Poker Night in America

– From Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, Quebec this is Poker Night in America.

– What’s up guys, and welcome to Poker Night presents Party Poker Live at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal. I’m Doug Polk. That’s right my name is just two syllables, efficiency.

– Antonio Esfandiari is our big winner so far today, up 71,000. A couple other small casino winners here, Lauren Roberts and Jeff Gross. And Rob Yong is down the most, $86,000, but looking to make a change. Lauren taking a quick nap before gets her straddle. You don’t wanna miss your straddle guys.

Poker Night is brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal. – Call. – Jeff Gross limping into the pot with nine to the button. Again, I’d like to see him raise it up.

Price these guys out, build the pot. You’ve got position, you’ve got pocket nines man. – Calling is the thing to do then. – Krpan calls Ace ten suit in, Roberts calls King Queen. Trickett called ten six here as well.

And Esfandiari, the big one, has ace five off. – He will check. – It’s almost our first family, we’re missin’ Rob. – Family Pot. – No Rob though.

I miss Rob, I miss Rob. – I know I miss him already, where is he? – Seven, five, five.

Big flop for Antonio, flopping trips with the best possible kicker. – 900. – And Jeff Gross is gonna start off with a bet here on the flop. These flops can get tricky, although he does bet extremely small. Giving himself some room to place a post flop. Krpan calls back to … Why not, it’s just a small bet.

And now Antonio has to decide whether to trap or fast play. Bumps up to $6,000. And now Jeff has a kind of ugly spot.

Antonio’s saying he has a five or a bluff. Jeff will make that call, Krpan gets out of the way and we are heads up. – Heads up. – I love heads up. Three in the turn. Not a good card for Jeff Gross.

If Antonio was semi-bluffing the flop with six four, he got there on the turn has made a straight. – Bet. $14,300.

– Antonio continues the aggression on the turn. And frankly if I’m Jeff Gross, I’ve gotta consider laying this down. – Call. – Jeff going nowhere though. Dead two and nine. Let’s see if the flow show can get something going here.

Close, but no cigar. Now Antonio still has three of a kind with the best kicker. But just in case that wasn’t enough for him, he’s got the ace of clubs as well.

Which means, Jeff Gross could not have made an up flush. Now I know these two guys are good friends, but even against your best buddy, business is business and sometimes you’ve gotta open shop. – $29,200.

– Jeff can have so many better hands here. I think he has a pretty clear fold. It’s tough laying it down when you flop an over pair. – This is where it hurts. – But you gotta know when to let it go.

– Six eight, six four, or a five. – Take a look. – Uhhh.

– Straddle? – Alright I’ll do … – Straddle $1,600. – Let’s let PBS. – I can’t do it. – You can’t straddle right?

16’s the max. Not that I would, but just so I know. – Once again we have an action packed, straddled hand.

– Ooh my man. That is my man. – Yong looks down at ace jack, bumps it up. Krpan makes a big fold with king jack, like it’s nothing.

Was dominated, nice to get out of the way. Antonio defends his straddle with honor. Interesting board, both players catch a small piece.

Antonio has middle pair. And Yong has a gutter to the nuts. Big flop bet here from Yong, $15,000 into a pot of around 17 or 18 thousand. This hefty wager will probably get called.

But he’s setting up an ability to go the distance that might get Antonio off of a lot of his hands. Unless of course, you turn the nuts. Now Antonio can’t feel good about the situation. A ten’s pretty weak on this board. He might have a few weaker hands. By check calling here, Yong gives Antonio room to bluff.

And look, if you’re ever playing poker with Antonio, give him room to bluff. A nine on the river might kill the action. Antonio was really hoping for a river like the three of hearts.

Or he could represent a flush as well as a straight. As his opponent wasn’t likely to have either or those hands. Ace jack will take it down. Antonio Esfandiari does not bite the bait on the river.

When we come back, you will not believe what happens. Hashtag ClickBait, Hashtag StickAround. – Welcome back to Poker Night presents Party Poker Live at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal. We’re still six-handed at three haded here.

Back down to the micro stakes. 100 and 200 dollar blinds with 300 dollar anti. – Raise. – Raise $1,000. Call. – We have a raise from Sam Trickett with the ace deuce off.

And a call from Roberts with nine eight. – Should we kick it up to one two four, for the last hour and a half? – I have no objections.

– I would love to. – Both players pair the flop, but Roberts in the lead with top pair. – You got me.

– That means you have to put four in yeah? – What? – You have to put four in there. – And she’s gonna go ahead and take the betting lead.

– That was the 16 you just won. You know that right? – You put four in yeah?

– Many many times. – Trickett’s not buying it and pumps it up to $6,000. If he gets a fold it’s good because no matter what hand Lauren has, she has a lot of equity. And if she calls he still has some ways to win the pot. Jack on the turns actually a pretty good card for Roberts because now she has a straight shot to go along with her pair.

If I’m in Trickett’s shoes, I’ve gotta be pretty afraid of that card. I’d probably slow down here. Trickett likes to live life in the fast lane. Firing again. I do not imagine this is going to work. But maybe he’s looking to go the distance.

And she makes the call. – They run a game on there on Twitch a lot. They have a steady game there. – Four on the river changes nothing. Roberts checks one more time over to Trickett. Is he going to go for the glory?

Now Roberts realizes that she’s behind a lot of hands. Like ten nine, or six five. But it’s possible Sam has a trick up his sleeve. Big fold there on the river with a flop top pair. And the bluff will take it down. – Nice bet.

– Tricky. – We have another straddle pot. Yong makes it 400, Trickett makes it 800.

The real question we’re all wondering, why was Doug not invited to this game? I’m free all the time everyone. We’ve gotta talk to production. Anyway back to the hand. Krpan raising it up with king queen.

Roberts calling with ace jack. Yong skadoodles as does Trickett. Heads up to the flop. You know I’m not much of a hat guy, but I’m thinking that might change. King ten five, Krpan flops top pair. Roberts hops to get under the nuts with a backdoor flush draw.

We should be seeing a little bit of action. Bet’s $4,000, and Roberts makes the call. She could raise, put a little pressure on.

But call works just fine. Roberts hits the straight in the turn and also picks up the royal flush draw. If a jack of clubs comes on the river, I don’t think she’s gonna lose the pot. Now Krpan does have top two, so even though she has the straight, she will lose if this river is a king or a queen. So she’s gonna have to dodge a couple of cards.

But she’s in great shape now to win the pot. This is gonna get expensive for Krpan quick, unless he can find his way into a full house. Once Krpan faces this raise from Roberts, he knows he’s in pretty tough spot. If the rivers comes an ace jack or nine, his hand will be a lot worse. If it’s a club his hand becomes almost worthless.

So he’s got a tough decision to make here. When facing this raise, generally speaking, you’re gonna have to call and look to evaluate, but Krpan’s got other ideas and moving in on the turn. But there’s no way this is gonna get through.

Roberts is gonna take her time here. But ultimately she’s gonna have to call. She could be up against ace jack as well and be free rolling. She could maybe up against a set and be ahead.

And even if your opponent shows you a flush, well that’s not great. But you can still win if the river comes another club. – Is it like 70 or something? I think I figured out … 60, 70 something like that … Alright I guess I have to call you.

Would you like to run it once or twice? Whatever you want. Yes I call.

– Once or twice? – Once. – Okay, leaving it all on the line. – Good luck guys. – Also can you really pass on the chance to hit that royal? – That was good.

Krpan seems thrilled. – Welcome back to Poker Night presents here in Montreal. Where Sam Trickett has double straddled to kick things off. Poker Night is brought to you by SIT & GO 2.0 Go to and claim a free SIT & GO 2.0 strategy e-book.

Roberts will call into the pot with pocket sixes. On the conservative side here. – Is this mine?

– Yeah. – How much is it? – Yong will call with four three off. Trickett’s got other things in mind though, and he makes it $4,800 to go here in the largest straddle.

Good opportunity for Roberts to call and place a … But Yong has no way to get into the pot with a hand that bad. – I’m doing my part Sam, to help get you even. – Four, deuce, deuce. Actually a strong flop for sixes despite not flopping a six.

You don’t have any over pair with sixes too much. You have to be happy when that does happen. Pretty good flop as well for Tricketts to take a stab at.

Unless Roberts had a pair she played conservatively preflop, She’s mainly gonna have over cards to the board. With pocket sixes though, Roberts is going to at least see the turn. But I could see her calling more streaks than that.

In fact, Roberts feels so good about this situation she’s making it $15,000 to go. Unfortunately for Trickett, his stop should be here. But he’s going nowhere and I don’t even know what he’s doing at this point. I mean I get trying to play some poker.

– God I love Trickett. He’s so good. – He is good. – What’s it like being good Trickett?

– He is good. – He is good. – Yep he’s pretending you had a two.

– I have a pair. – You have a pair? – Yes. – Now in the interest of good will… – We both have a pair of twos. (laughing) – Oh my god you have quads? Dammit.

– Only Francois can make quads, let’s be honest. There’s only one guy I know who can make quads. I’ve never seen it, Francois’s guy. – This is a tough one.

This is honestly tough for Lauren because there are possibly some bluffs. I mean if you opponent’s gonna float king seven on the flop, he could have anything. – I don’t know, it feels like you have a king or a queen in your hand. – Right on the money. – Can’t really call. – Fold.

– Pick one card. – On point there Lauren. – That one. – Alright. – This one? – Seven of spades, not what you wanna see.

– Good job. – Roberts trials this pot to $400. Action folds to Yong on the button. Opening up with nine deuce, to a big sized raise.

$3,000 to go. Rob enjoys playing his buttons, that’s for sure. Trickett with his lucky hand, king seven suited back in the mix. Look, I always say, if you get a hot streak with a hand, you’ve gotta ride it out. Roberts lets the big blind go.

Back over to Yong, going nowhere with the nine deuce suited. King, jack, deuce. Both players flop pairs. Trickett with top pair, Yong with bottom. – $11,000.

– Trickett bets $11,000 on the flop. And you’re not happy if you’re Yong, but you’re still likely gonna have to call. You could improve to 2 pair of trips on a nine or a deuce.

You might be ahead, you might give up. You likely just have to see the turn. There she is. The nine of clubs.

And it’s an especially juicy turn. Because Trickett also has the flush trying to go along with it. You just can’t make this stuff up. I like Trickett’s check here on the turn.

Playing some pot control. If he bets and gets raised, it could get out of hand. It’s a nice check call hand, and he’ll have to play some rivers. For Yong clear bet, two pair, very likely ahead.

Get some value, set yourself up for some good river situations. Now there are gonna be some bad rivers here for Yong. A lot of them actually.

However this is one of the best rivers in the deck, other than hitting a boat. He now can be very certain his two pair is good. And if Trickett does have a hand like a king or queens, or maybe even a jack, he might pay him off if he bets around 30-40 thousand. – Bet $26,000. – What you got?

– One pair. (laughing) – He sounded so miserable. He said what do you got? And he was so miserable, he said one pair. And the way he said it like … (laughing) – This is a very close and tough spot for Sam. I could see him going either way.

And I couldn’t fault a call. But he makes a lay down. – This is why I’m embarrassed yeah. – Two pairs somehow? Two pair. – So, that’s why I’m embarrassed, I just had a plan … – That’s gotta be one of the larger pots won with nine deuce in televised poker history.

It’s just a hard hand to play, but incredibly fun to watch. Stick around and we’ll wrap things up when we return. – Hello and welcome back to Poker Night presents Party Poker Live at Playground Poker Club. Our final results of the day, Rob Yong’s our big winner of $87,000. Lauren Roberts had a swinging session, ends up down very small and John Krpan ends up down over $100,000. Next time from here at the Playground Poker Club, we’re back to regular high stakes.

Rob Yong decides to stick around and keep punishing, while John Duthie has had better days in his life. And we welcome recent Macau Main Event champion Elliot Smith. If you want more Poker Night, you can find us on social media, including Twitch and Youtube, where you can find full-length episodes, livestreams, and exclusive content. Also don’t forget to download our free poker app. You and your friends can have your very own poker night as well as a chance to win a seat in our show. Search for us in your app store and download it today.

From everyone here at Poker Night, I’m Doug Polk. From everyone here at Poker Night, I’m Doug Polk. – And then I changed the plan and put you in ace queen. (laughing) – That was one of the greatest lines at a poker table. I’m gonna use that.